Microsoft Office Integration

Our business Intelligence solutions provide seamless integration with Microsoft Office, making it simple for business users to access data, perform queries and analysis and create reports.

This allows the implementation of consistent business analysis standards within the company, while making enterprise data from multiple platforms easily available to business users from familiar Microsoft Office environments.

Business users can access Business Intelligence directly from Microsoft Office and simply create and  distribute analytics as Office documents to relevant decision makers.

Key Benefits
  • Allows all Microsoft Excel and Word users access to approved enterprise data for extended analysis capabilities.
  • Provides greater consistency in decision making by delivering standard data and analysis capabilities to more users in the organization.
Key Features
  • Lets users surpass Microsoft Excel data size limitations.
  • Pulls data from a single source.
  • Provides the ability to access data from any defined enterprise data source.
  • Uses familiar Word and Excel interfaces for data interaction.
  • IT maintains central administration of data.
  • Expands analytical options available to Microsoft Office users.
  • Enables users to embed enterprise data and analytic results in Microsoft Word documents.