IT Management Consultancy

To help our customers achieve secure their position as the market leader in logistics, ALG Systems builds upon innovative and efficient IT solutions and a modern IT architecture.

As IT problems usually have a close link to technology and different areas are closely linked, it is impossible to uncouple their analysis from IT.

At the same time, though, IT is no longer a domain to itself. Today, IT decisions need to be closely related to business strategy and have measurable value to the business.

Therefore, IT managers in many companies need bridge builders – interdisciplinary consultants being able to apply management consulting tools and methods to the unique context of IT.

ALG Systems offers first-class consulting to support IT managers in all relevant questions regarding their activities. Our range of services focuses on supporting the IT function and increasing the value added by IT. The process and technology areas that we cover include:

  • Business/IT integration
  • IT Strategy and governance
  • SOA and Application Integration
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Project/Program management

Every our engagement is structured to bring measurable improvement in Organization & Processes, Applications & Architecture, Cost & Value.

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