BPM Automation for Evidence-Based Medical Content

Project summary Business Process Automation for Medical Content Development
Customer McKesson Health Solutions www.mckesson.com
McKesson (NYSE: MCK)  is one of the largest suppliers of vital medicines, supplies and information technologies companies in the US and Worldwide.
McKesson develops and installs health care information technology systems. McKesson IT systems are used in more than 70% of all US hospitals with more than 200 beds.
McKesson Health Solutions is a division of the company that in addition to IT system develops clinical knowledge and decision support systems that help doctors improve patient care
Project geography USA
Project objective

McKesson clinical content development grew into a gold-standard for clinical content and diverse content and processes.
McKesson content development teams were dispersed across five states - MA, CO, CA, PA и СT, and hired Clinical Reviewers from all of North America and Western Europe.

Clinical content departments set a number strategic initiatives:

  1. Standardize Content Development and Business Processes across departments
  2. Formalize Evidence-Based Medical practices
  3. Implement six Sigma process improvement

Implementation of workflow and automation tools for clinical content development, quality control, planning, performance management, and compliance became a critical requirement.

McKesson hired ALG Systems to get the job done.

Project highlights On-time & on-budget: The customer had fixed features set and limited timeframe to put the system in production (between content development cycles – less than 2 month for configuration, deployment, and training)
Future ready: The application became flexible workflow system with wide range of modifications and enhancements available as programming-by-configuration. With number of users growing 50% annually
Knowledge transfer: During the development we helped customer’s IT staff setup staging and acceptance testing environment, we also conducted training and agile coaching on technical architecture and development know-how of the system
Project description Functionality
  • Workflows automating Clinical Development and Review processes
  • Hierarchical workflow role-model
  • Distributed Hierarchical Org-structure
  • International support for clinical credentialing, billing, etc.
  • Master dictionaries for clinical credentialing, medical terminology, rates and fee schedules, etc.
  • Integration with Clinical Content management systems
  • Centralized Repository of Clinical Reviewers
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Deep analytics with over 20 standard reports
  • Self-service analytics with Data-marts