Corporate IT Testing

You're out to boost productivity and raise ROI everywhere you can.

Yet technology evolves at such warp-speed today that, in spite of developers' best intentions and technological prowess, there are times when new products fall short of their marketing claims.

Or worse, your expectations. You have a savior.

As one of the most successful independent IT testing resources, ALG uses unique, real-world methodologies and benchmarks to:

  • Predict the impact of change
  • Evaluate compatibility, usability, performance, and interoperability
  • Execute functionality and acceptance testing
  • Successfully emulate a real-world setting that duplicates your current or planned operating environment

ALG will help you to set the standards for IT testing

We offer testing services in each of the following areas:

  1. Website & e-Commerce testing
  2. Software testing
  3. Multimedia testing

Website & e-Commerce Testing 

Your Website. It can be a vibrant new venue for distributing information, educating consumers, and most importantly, selling products and services in a way that's dynamic and secure.
That is, provided it works right.

ALG accurately tests the performance, scalability, and fault tolerance characteristics of dynamic enterprise web applications using innovative benchmarking methodologies.

Integrated End-to-end, not Component-based Testing.
Our testing model focuses on the performance and scalability of complete multi-tier solutions, rather than individual components.

To achieve this, we deploy networking equipment and dozens of client workstations, along with the ability to test more than 10,000 web clients openly and concurrently. We generate realistic loads. And performance metrics ensure an accurate description of tested products' actual performance.

Benchmarking and Performance Testing vs. Hypothetical Projections.
The ALG e-commerce testing model simultaneously exercises varying aspects of a dynamic web application based on real-world usage patterns. This allows us to report empirical performance metrics, rather than projected results based on findings from smaller load tests.

e-Commerce Scalability Testing.
Our state-of-the-art e-commerce testing facility features multi-vendor and multi-platform testing and operational environments, producing clear, objective benchmark data, and using realistic implementation approaches. With our testing tool we can:

  • Easily record and maintain test scripts
  • Execute configurable load test scenarios
  • Scale to desired user loads