Case Management for High-risk Population

Project summary Design and implementation of next-generation “smart” clinical content that combines clinical knowledge, actionable rules, and analytical data points for integration with next-gen clinical decision support and workflow systems used to manage high-risk managed population.
Customer A leading suppliers of vital medicines, supplies and information technologies for healthcare  in the US and Worldwide.
Project geography USA
Project objective
  • Design standards-based language to represent clinical knowledge, actionable rules, and analytical data points in the clinical domain
  • Design content development process and create intuitive and powerful tools to allow Clinical content developers author and publish “smart” content
  • Create set of tools and documentation for 3rd party developers to integrate “smart” content into their clinical systems
  • Support the first release of “smart” clinical content
Project highlights Ground-breaking project in the domain of Clinical content development and integration
Heavy use of innovative knowledge-management and automated decision making science
Project description
  • Designed XML-based language that included domain models of patient data, clinical data points,  business parameters, and content customization
  • Designed RuleML – dialect to represent actionable rules
  • Create content storage and publishing schema that maintained reference,  versioning  and other meta-information, and simplified partitioning, cross-referencing, and reuse of content
  • Designed and implemented tools for content development, validation, storage, and publishing
  • Designed standards-based integration interface with clinical decision support and workflow systems
  • Created reference implementation of content presenter, rules and workflow engine, for content validation and integration with 3rd party clinical systems.

Implemented using Java, Drools, JBoss, Spring IoC, Hibernate, MS SQL