Focused BI and CPM

Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) should be viewed as two sides of the same coin. BI focuses on data management and CPM on management by data.

Data Management and BI Affiliations

As Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence is a core competency of our ALG Systems, we are proud of our affiliation with The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)

Data warehousing and online customer facing analytics for Automated Voice Services Platform

Upgrade existing data warehousing and reporting solution (IBM COGNOS) with metric collection and aggregation for custom communication programs developed for specific customers (Data-marts and operational reporting)

BI and Analytics

Selection of white-papers, articles, online communities and blogs dedicated to BI, Analytics and CPM

Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management with IBM COGNOS for Insurance Carrier

Implementation of COGNOS-based CPM platform; Automation of planning and budgeting; metrics and score carding and different business levels; Modernization f existing DWH.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Companies and organizations from private and sectors are now embracing the vision of CPM. They understand the value of enabling and engaging everyone in an organization to manage the organization's performance. With that vision in mind they are deploying technologies and solutions to make their goals a reality.
CPM can help these organizations answer fundamental business questions

Business Reporting

Business intelligence solutions from ALG offer decision-makers fast, simple access to reports and analysis. ALG can assist in the development of self-service reporting and familiar interfaces which can be tailored to the different skills and needs of individual therefore enabling everyone to generate reports on their own.

Query & Analysis

Users at all skill levels can ask new questions and quickly get the answers they need. ALG makes analytics user-friendly by delivering the usability features from Web-based to seamless integration with Microsoft Office. This allows users from across the organization to query and analyze data.