Integrated Analytics

Our Business Intelligence solutions make it simple for users across an organization to access and leverage these powerful analytic capabilities just as they would other data sources. Analytics offerings such as forecasting and optimization with unmatched capabilities for turning data into insightful information bring accurate insights so that everyone can make better decisions quickly and with confidence.

Analytics that previously were available only to technical users can now be placed in the hands of all decision makers to drive accurate decisions and better results. Users now have access to more sophisticated analyses directly from their BI interface of choice whether it’s Web-based or through Microsoft Office (Excel) integration.

Key Benefits
  • Identify and select the best functions that can be applied to specific business problems.
  • Reduce uncertainty and risks.
  • Quantify variability.
  • Refine processes.
  • Optimize resource allocations.
Key Features
  • Descriptive and predictive statistics.
  • Optimization analyses.
  • Time Series analysis.
  • Scoring algorithms.
  • Custom analytic models.