Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Companies and organizations from private and sectors are now embracing the vision of CPM. They understand the value of enabling and engaging everyone in an organization to manage the organization's performance. With that vision in mind they are deploying technologies and solutions to make their goals a reality.

CPM can help these organizations answer fundamental business questions:

How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing?

To answer these questions they turn to scorecarding, business intelligence and consolidation technologies. CPM dictates that these key elements not be stand-alone. Knowing what happened, without finding out why, is of little use to the business. Knowing why something happened, but being unable to plan and make the necessary changes is likewise of limited value.

ALG Systems is offering a solid, integrated technology foundation for CPM, using a holistics approach. We work with our clients to define pertinent areas where a CPM methodology can have highest impact.

Establishing Priorities

A CPM system can automates and preserves senior management intent-making the organisation's strategy and priorities everyone's priorities within these three core values:

  • Information delivery
  • Performance oversight
  • Performance effectiveness
Information delivery

Integral to a CPM strategy is the communication of information. Information should be shared in multiple directions instead of the one-way, and two-way processes that organisations have come to rely upon. Timely delivery provides everyone with the both the data and the strategic context with which employees need to do their work. It's about getting the facts and making informed decisions. A CPM system allows you to deliver senior decision maker's guidance throughout the organisation as actionable information.

Performance Management

Performance oversight provides senior decision-makers with the levers they need to optimize the business. A CPM system delivers an aggregate view of operations that allows management to optimize current practices, within established constraints. With oversight, you help decision-makers manage the business. Through information delivery, you have put everyone on the same page. Oversight lets you distribute accountability and responsibility and transparently see the results.

Performance Effectiveness

Giving executives the information they can use to make long-term decisions about the strategic direction of the company is performance effectiveness. It allows for strategic planning, removing constraints, and helping the executive level set new targets and goals. Essentially, with effectiveness, you give management and senior executives an automated, systemic means to improve the business. People are aligned, people understand their responsibilities, and with effectiveness, you can move the company as one entity towards its future goals.