A high-value approach to Outsourcing

The face of software engineering has changed. Offshore outsourcing (once considered threatening) is now an accepted trend. There are multiple business reasons to utilize offshore partners, among them:

  • Varying requirements for skill sets
  • The potential for significant cost savings
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Ability to scale engineering teams

One of the quintessential challenges is to keep pace with technology changes and dynamic customer needs all while pushing higher quality products to market. In order to achieve and maintain a competitive edge, companies need a partner that can add value throughout the product lifecycle and work as an extension of its in-house team.

The ALG approach to outsourcing is completely aimed at maximizing value to our clients. Our client relationship model is based on four stages of maturity.  Each stage significantly increases business value within the application lifecycle.

Resource Augmentation

ALG allows companies to realize cost savings and to mitigate modern skill deficit. Our differentiators:

  • An effective program of continuous recruiting with access to top talent. 
  • A rigorous selection process and on-boarding program that includes an industry-leading annual training budget of 5% of our salary pool.
Process-Driven Delivery

Timely and high-quality application delivery assured by predictable, transparent project execution:

  • Effective planning and project discipline supported by management, tools and best practices. 
  • Systems analysis utilizing traceability and change impact analysis with a requirements-driven test approach. 
  • QA discipline integrated into every phase of software engineering using test-driven development and QA automation.
Architecture Alignment

Systems architecture that is aligned with business requirements greatly reduces cost and maximizes value.  We possess:

  • A successful track record of Architecture development and governance based on TOGAF, SOA frameworks, and software architecture tools. 
  • An established, consistent practice of close cooperation with client enterprise and business architecture teams. 
Agile Execution

Agile methods have consistently demonstrated better returns on investment.  From a business perspective, the incremental completion of the highest priority requirements means maximizing resources while teams consistently deliver the features deemed the most valuable.  Agile methods respond quickly to changing business requirements and market conditions.

In today’s environment organizations are challenged with continuously innovating and accelerating their application delivery to take advantage of emerging business opportunities while maintaining profitability. ALG Systems has an established, successful track record of implementing Agile methodology in distributed software development teams.

Turning projects into Success Stories

Our foundation for success includes three primary components:

  • Proficiency and excellence in technology, tools, software architecture, and design.
  • A commitment to maximizing efficiency based upon a solid process-oriented methodology.   
  • A culture of collaboration that fosters flexible partnerships with our clients.