Data warehousing and online customer facing analytics for Automated Voice Services Platform

Project summary Upgrade existing data warehousing and reporting solution (IBM COGNOS) with metric collection and aggregation for custom communication programs developed for specific customers (Data-marts and operational reporting).
Customer Leading provider of automated voice services and outbound communications for medical providers and payors
Project geography USA
Project objective As new customer communication program gets designed and implemented, it has a number of data points associated with it. These programs include complex automated voice dialogs and even a sequence of calls. The project objectives include:
  • Together with customers, design performance metrics of their custom communication programs
  • Implement Data-marts that represent program-specific metrics in the form of dimensions, meaningful facts, and their aggregates
  • Provide program managers with performance analytics in the form of canned reports and analytical model in COGNOS Analysis Studio

Provide near-real time program outcomes and performance analytics for program customers in eth form for COGNOS reports and metrics

Project highlights ALG DWH expertise:
With a strong background and experience in DWH, together with customer we carefully designed engineered Data-marts for flexibility, growth and reuse
BI published within secure customer portal:
Great advantage of our analytics was the fact that with incremental ETL and COGNOS web-based analytics we offered program customers near real-time information about program outcomes and overall performance. All this in the secure, role-based, and HIPPA-compliant environment.
Real-time performance management:
Care Providers and payors involved in the communication program used the portal to track their program objectives and results using flexible and intuitive COGNOS analytics near real-time
Project description Specific project activities:
  • Work with project managers and program customers to identify data points based on program specifics
  • Design logical structure, including facts and their granularity, business hierarchies , dimensions and their SCD types, as well as optimization aggregates
  • Design physical structure of the Data-marts
  • Design incremental ETLs from the operational data store (ODS) (1TB of data)
  • Identify program user roles and design role-based security for reports and data filtering
  • Create COGNOS framework meta-model to represent data mart
  • Implement COGNOS reports, dashboards, and metrics
  • Integrate authentication provider for access to reports published on B2B portal

Implemented using MS SQL Server, MS Integration Services, COGNOS 8.2