About us

What makes our Firm is Our People. We pride ourselves on building an exceptionally talented, dedicated, honest, focused, and highly intelligent team that has repeatedly proven its ability to work together under the same leadership and quality principles.

Our team has designed, produced and brought to market a number of software products in a variety of industries. Our work includes business intelligence and analytics, clinical informatics and content development applications, HR applications, code management and backup-and-recovery software.

We stand out among most Software Development firms is diversity of the talent we have build. It combines both the scientific depth of the European approach to Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistical Analysis with the modern techniques, tools, best industry practices of our American experience.

Our people have graduate degrees from both European and American Universities and have extensive experience building applications for the American and European markets. Most of our team members have a formal education in more then one field in addition to a Computer Science including Physics and Science, Biophysics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics, MIS, and Business.