Business Reporting

ALG can help your business produce and access reports for all levels of users across an organization

Business intelligence solutions from ALG offer decision-makers fast, simple access to reports and analysis. ALG can assist in the development of self-service reporting and familiar interfaces which can be tailored to the different skills and needs of individual therefore enabling everyone to generate reports on their own.

ALG can assist with report creation through the development of wizards to guide users through the report creation process.  This can include pulling data from multiple sources, without IT’s constant involvement. Reporting from ALG can be delivered through a zero-footprint interface so that software does not have to be installed on individual desktops. BI deployment can be quick and easy and use of IT resources is minimized while business users’ accessibility to reports and analyses is improved.

Key Benefits
  • Access and/or receive information in a timely manner in order to make informed business decisions.
  • Produce reports of varying complexity to meet a wide set of information needs.
  • Complex computations, business processes and algorithms can be stored as standardized processes so that everyone, regardless of their skill level, can access them.
Key Features
  • Self-service reporting.
  • Business user view of data.
  • Intuitive and familiar wizard-driven interfaces.
  • Unlimited report authors and consumers.
  • Ad-hoc and managed reporting.

Integration of analytic results and processes.