Agile DevOps and Agile Monitoring

Today information technologies are all around us. We are relying on online services, even if not always are aware of this. New technologies or features appear all the time. More and more often our work, communications, business and daily activities are done digitally. Software becomes the face of business. Business processes rely on IT services and applications. What does it mean for companies?

It means that IT is now important part of business, and software directly influences brand and reputation. Business and IT have to move in one direction, speak the same language and be agile. Recent Forrester study claims, that "while revenue and profitability are measures of past performance, agility positions a firm to better react to both market opportunities and threats."

And being agile isn't easy task in our days, changes and stability not always go along. Infrastucture is complex and distributed mix of physical, virtual and cloud environments. Applications and services run on large hardware clusters, clouds, are built from hundreds or even thousands of physical servers and virtual machines. In such an environment, handling the infrastructure using traditional manual maintenance becomes really difficult. Specialization also creates silos, which leads to tensions and communication challenges.

All this inspired the creation of DevOps – with the goal of ingraining maturity and cooperative spirit into IT and keep up with the growing amount of communication between different groups. If your development and operation teams are working in silos, is software lifecycle really modern? How can you be agile? And here DevOps culture comes into play.


But becoming agile is also not enough - just launching applications more quickly isn't going to bring success. You have to monitor the performance of those applications. And, more importantly, understand the experience your end-users. Application Performance Management (APM) is the key to success. It isn't just a trend - it is a necessity for critical business applications and helps businesses to succeed.

We ourselves adopted DevOps, and have all the knowledge and practical experience to help out customers becoming agile. Moreover, we can tailor modern APM tools exactly for your specific needs and requests. Our partners are leaders of the market: