Custom Software Testing

There are times when a one-of-a-kind testing solution is the only kind that's appropriate. In these cases, ALG will design a testing program that's discrete to the IT under consideration, and that complements your company's technical requirements, schedule, and budget.

Software Product Testing

You're bringing a software product to market. And your career is, once again, hinging on its success. Let us save you time, improve productivity, and raise ROI.

Corporate IT Testing

We offer testing services in each of the following areas: (i) Website & e-Commerce testing (ii) Software testing (iii) Multimedia testing

Our Approach to Testing and QA

Learn about ALG Systems' methodology in QA and Testing

QA and Testing

(i) Outsourcing your QA is cheaper than hiring full-time contractors. (ii) Most companies who outsource QA already have an in-house testing organization (iii) Custom testing doesn’t mean doing it yourself. Give us a try!