Best Practices for modern APM

It’s not enough to know just how to use APM solutions, you need to know how to use them well. Here are some best practices designed by ALG that we offer to make you a key asset to your team!

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of open source software stacks including Kubernetes and Prometheus; brings together the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors; and serves as a neutral home for collaboration.

Measure of Our Performance - Project Metrics

We work hard to assure consistent delivery and highest quality of software projects. As part of integrated project management we measure our performance in two main areas:
(i) Project Management (ii) Quality indicators (iii) Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Software QA and Testing

Testing always spans all stages of software lifecycle. It is much too late to start testing after software product is implemented. The cost of fixing faults introduced in earlier phases would be very high.

Project Organization

Exact team structure and number of contributors will depend on specifics of the project. However, typically our projects organized into the particular structure. This topic outlines these principles

Development Process

ALG Development Process is built on a foundation of 3 principles: Agile System Analysis and Design; Customer-Focused PM; Integrated ALM & QA Process

Our Approach

Success of our process is based on well-defined milestones that signal transition from research to production phases of a project. Earlier phases focus on functionality, while later concentrate on achieving product qualities (robustness, performance, commercial presentation)